Supa Screen (For Hire)

Hire Code: B17

Supa Screen 110 Volt Motor - Totaly portable - 870mm wide for easy access through gates and tight sites.

This is a very portable and compact machine which can be used to screen soils and aggregates.

As a way of cutting down on landfill, reducing the number of vehicle movements and generally reducing the environmental impact of building this fits in nicely with the government’s declared aim to require builders to process more material on site. It will also save a small fortune on jobs ranging from landscaping works to extension and new build.

The Supa Screen, soil screen can be used with wheel barrows, Shifta conveyors, hand loaded or loaded with a mini digger. There are 110 sockets built in to allow the screen and shifta to be run from one supply.

A key feature is the portability. The motor can be swung in under the body of the machine to enable it to go through a 870mm wide opening. It is available with a choice of quick change screens of 12mm, 25mm & 50mm.

The general principle of the machine is simply a cam moving a steel mesh over a hopper. By tilting the bed backwards the larger material is moved gradually to the back of the bed and into a wheel barrow or a Shifta.

  • Totally Portable Solution
  • 110V, 0.75kW Supply
  • 3 Interchangable Screens of varying size
  • Large screen size of 1200mm x 620mm
  • Adjustable angle
  • 850mm wide for easy site access
  • Process up to 100 tons per day
  • Dual auxilliary sockets (perfect when running with the Shifta Conveyors)
  • Easy loading from Dumper, Excavator, Shovel or Wheelbarrow

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Supa Screen

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Supa Screen (For Hire)
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